Shit War

Shit War 1.0

Shit War brings you a rather unusual snow ball war, without the snow (See all)

Shit War is a rather inappropriate and highly uncomfortable game for most players. It's supposed to be about a snow-ball war, but the snow was replaced by something else. Check the title! The objective is to throw balls of you know what to your enemies, they will do so as well, whoever beats the other team will win. As you advance in the game your opponents will turn faster and much more difficult to defeat.

The controls are very simple, it's enough to move your character with the mouse and to maintain the left click pressed to launch this unpleasant object. The time employed in keeping the click pressed will determine the distance that the shot will cover.

The graphics are bright, a bit detailed and not offensive since it'll appear like you're throwing a brown snow-ball, but due to the nature of the game most people will dismiss it just after hearing its name without even giving it a shot.

There is no music, just several sound effects which will give the impression of being on some kind of twisted soccer game. I can't even begin to imagine how it would be if people played like this in real life.

Jonathan Palencia
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  • Entertaining up to certain point
  • It's fun if you're a kid


  • Inappropiate and disgusting for certain people
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